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Gong & Sound

Starting with meditation to release and let go, Heidi will then use chakra tuned crystal singing bowls alongside a variety of gongs and healing instruments to provide a soothing sound bath. 


As well as helping relax and restore the body, bringing it back into balance, the sessions also provide a host of other benefits, including:


💫 Enables deep relaxation

💫 Reduces stress and anxiety

💫 Boosts immunity

💫 Relieves depression

💫 Can induce deeper consciousness

💫 Improves sleep

💫 Reduces fatigue

💫 Unlocks creativity and much more

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A one to one session focussing on your specific needs. These can be booked at a time and date to suit you.



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Heidi will take you through a soothing sound bath. Starting with chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, a variety of gongs and healing instruments to help relax and restore the body bringing it back into balance.





We will start with an introduction to crystal healing, surrounded by crystal grids where we will take you into a deep relaxing meditation.


Heidi will lead you into a soothing sound journey starting with chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, a variety of gongs and healing instruments to help relax and restore the body bringing it back into balance while Whitney carries out crystal one to one healing. Followed by crystal exilir water and oracle card guidance.



If you are new to the world of gong & sound baths here Heidi takes you through what to expect at one of her classes...


Bring along blankets, cushions, a yoga mat or something to lie on and anything else you have that will make you comfortable, as you take some time for yourself to switch off from the busy world, relax and do absolutely nothing but focus on you for the next hour of bliss!

I will guide you through a deep relaxation where I will use a selection of beautifully tuned instruments to take you on a relaxing journey of sound.  I use angelic chimes, quartz crystal singing bowls, high quality gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and number of instruments which have healing vibrations and finely tuned frequencies that will help take you into a deep relaxation.

Most people come out of a sound healing session feeling deeply relaxed and reporting better sleeping patterns. The sound will help slow down the brain waves, taking you into a 'theta' and 'delta' dreamlike state or a deeper meditation.


Some people experience heat, tingling in the body, release of blocks and emotional shifts and deep dream states that include seeing colours or inspiring ideas. With regular gong and sound healing I have lots of reports of aches and pains disappearing and people feeling lighter and having more energy, however the more you experience the more your intuition may sharpen.


Every sound journey will be a different experience, but to switch off from the busy world for an hour and focus on your own wellness and self care, switching off from your 'to-do' list is a perfect gift for yourself. Allowing yourself to go into a deep relaxation as you drift away to the soothing sounds of gongs and crystal bowls, will help bring the body and mind back into balance and harmony.

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