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My Journey...

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years which I found de-stressed me from a senior role which I held in the retail profession.  After having my second child in 2012 I started to teach yoga and extended my teaching and training to pre-natal and children with specialist needs, leading me to then take my yoga teaching full time.


I have been lucky enough to train with some of the world’s most inspiring teachers, David Swenson, Kino Mac Gregor, Liz Lark, Doug Swenson, Jo Manuel, Katy Appleton, Danny Paradise and my long-term teacher Ervin Menyhart.

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In 2016 I started to research sound therapy and was amazed by the results especially how it helped calm and de-stress the body and mind which worked perfect with yoga.  I decided to train to become an International Gong Practitioner, which I found came naturally to me, being a classically trained musician from a young age. 


I then extended my training in singing bowls and researched a variety sounds and instruments which can help take the body into a deep relaxation.  I have held thousands of sound events across the U.K, helping people relax, de-stress and heal. 


I work with sound therapy weekly in schools across Coventry and Warwickshire supporting children with Autism and ADHD and I hold weekly sessions for people with Cancer, MS, Long-Covid patients and people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions.


Along with teaching yoga I host regular sound baths, wellness and yoga retreats and workshops and work with a number of different high end yoga studios.


So many people are now hearing and receiving the benefits of regular Sound Therapy sessions and demand is constantly growing, which has led me to offer Certified Sound Healing Courses and Sound workshops.

I love travelling and researching about Eastern philosophies and their way of life, with many trips to India, Thailand, Maylaysia, Japan, Singapore and Bali which has enabled me to bring many of their teachings into my classes and courses.


  • 200hr yoga teacher training

  • Advanced Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson

  • Pre and Post natal yoga

  • Baby yoga and Massage

  • Yoga for the Special child

  • Yoga for Autism

  • Yoga for ADHD

  • Internationally CMA Certified Gong Practitioner – registered with the Complimentary Medical Association

  • Certified in Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls and Assemblage Point Healing

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