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We offer yoga in Coventry, Fillongley and Nuneaton to suit all ages & physical limitations. Yoga classes are held in Coventry and Warwickshire from beginners to advanced students with regular workshops for yoga in Coventry.  We specialise in yoga therapy for children with autism & additional needs plus yoga and mindfulness for mainstream schools, offering teacher training workshops for schools


Yoga means “to join” which works the mind, body and spirit together in a physical practice.  Yoga helps eliminate stress and anxiety with postures that can help to heal your body and breathing techniques that will help calm the mind, creating a much stronger, flexible and healthier body.

We have classes to suit all ages and physical limitation, ranging from gentle restorative yoga to dynamic classes that are more physically challenging.

A note from the founder of Phoenix Yoga

I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for over 15 years. I originally started yoga to clear my head from a busy corporate job but soon I became hooked on the pace, challenge and the many benefits yoga had to offer.  I have extended my teachings to pre and postnatal yoga and yoga for children, specialising with Children with Autism and Additional Needs working in schools and care homes.  We work on a programme to help strengthen their bodies and reach a calmer state of mind which can be used within the school enviroment on a one to one, a 6 week programme or a teacher training, giving the teachers the tools to use on an ongoing basis

 I have trained with some of the worlds most inspiring teachers David Swenson, Kino Mac Gregor, Liz Lark, Doug Swenson, Jo Manuel, Katy Appleton and my long term teacher Ervin Menyhart

Heidi Gerrard - Founding Member

Certifications(200hr teacher training, David Swenson Intense Ashtanga Teacher Training, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga

Rainbow Kids Yoga, Children with Autism and ADHD, Yoga for the Special Child. DBS)

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