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Why do yoga when pregnant

Yoga works the body making it strong and flexible but will help with a number of aches and pains and help you adapt to your changing body

Pre-natal yoga will help relieve your aches and pains helping back issues, spd and will also help towards the birth, preparing you for the delivery of your baby and help look after your baby with a strong body and mind

The Breath

Is key to a mindful yoga practice, it helps focus on you and connect you to your baby. It allows more oxygen into our bodies to help relax and release stress. The breathing preparation will help with birth and also help you de-stress if you lead a busy lifestyle


Due to our lifestyles of sitting, driving and the extra weight of your baby ,this can cause back aches and pain. Pregnancy yoga with Heidi will show you how to strengthen your back and safe exercises to reduce and relieve pain by safe effective pregnancy exercises


The hormones released during pregnancy relax the pelvis muscles in the front and back of the hips. Pregnancy yoga will work on getting the muscles ready for an easier birth and the body back in shape quicker after your birth

Why Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga can help

-Improve sleep

-Reduce stress & anxiety

-Increase strength

-Prepare your body for the birth

-Makes you feel great!

Give yourself an hour a week for you, your be grateful, you deserve it

yoga with Heidi Coventry and Warwickshre

Pregnancy yoga - Nuneaton 6pm Wednesday

Pregnancy yoga - Coventry

07725 956370

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